Unlocking the Secrets of Creativity: Practical Tips for Enhancing Your Writing Skills

Formally saying, “writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention (often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing)” is known as creative writing. Some people perform so well in technical writing, contrarily, others are good in fictional writing. It depends on nature, hobbies, and skills. 

Generally saying, creative writing takes more time than a technical one. As you have to imagine and then write accordingly in the best way possible. Today we will tell you ten simple and effective tips to improve “creative writing”.

Read Creative Content

If someone wants to improve English then one advice he gets from professionals is to start reading English books. Why? Because it will improve his vocabulary. He will get more and more knowledge of this language. Additionally, subconsciously, a sense of sentence-making will be developed in him gradually. The same is the case with creative writing. If you want to write creative content then you have to go through it too. You have to start taking baby steps. You must have an idea of what good authors are writing. What do people want to study? What attracts the attention of readers? You will get an answer to all these questions by reading creative content. So, do spare some time daily and read creative content. It will enhance your creative writing skills dramatically.

Find Your Sub-niche

As we mentioned earlier that you have to go through literature. But, it doesn’t mean that you should start copying other writers. Everyone has his/her area of interest. Discover your interest and figure out in which creative writing sub-niche you could perform better. In this way, you will be much satisfied and the chances of your success will be much higher.


Know Your Audience

If someone wants to open a toy shop in his area then what will be the best location for that? Outside school or outside hospital/clinic or someplace where parents bring their kids? A good option is outside the clinic/hospital. Why? Because, at that time, kids are usually in a bad mood and parents try to make their mood well by different means. One of them could be toys. Have you understood the point here? Yes, just by targeting the right locations, a businessman can boost his sale dramatically. The same is the case with the writer. If you have selected your niche then now you should also know the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience. Otherwise, there will be no benefit of hard work. Do the research and know your audience as much as you can.

Make A Schedule and Stick to it

Here, let us discuss some experiences with you. Few days, at the fixed time, spread some food for the birds at a specific place. In the initial days, they will come and eat. But, after some days, do you know what will happen? Birds will be present before your time of arrival! Yes, as a writer you have to go through some hard experience initially. In starting, you will have very rough ideas that what to write. But, just write daily at a fixed time. Days will pass, you will start noticing that your writing speed has increased. Ideas and words will start comings into your mind at that specific time interval in a magical way.

The show, don't explain

It is the major difference between technical and non-technical writing. In technical writing, things need to be explained precisely. But, non-technical/fiction lovers, imagine things. They want the same thing from a writer too. So, let your imagination go wild. You have to give the reader a feel of the scene by adding details about surroundings while explaining the scenes, instead of bombarding your content with an explanation. You must give the feel of five senses to your readers, they should feel the scene as it is. Otherwise, your audience will become uninterested.

Keep It Simple

Yes, in creative writing, writers have to use their imagination but it doesn’t mean that they should start making it complex. After all, this content has to be read by real human beings. So, try to write dialogues in the same way as people talk with each other in the real world. Instead of making complex dialogues. It will keep your reader involved in your writing.

Be Specific, use concrete nouns

A good creative writer creates the whole world in the mind of the reader according to his piece of writing. Review the literature of good creative writers, they have used concrete nouns instead of vague ones. Example: Instead of writing XYZ city, they mentioned the original city name. They have assigned a proper name to each character who is present in their story. So, be specific and use concrete nouns in your writings.

Record Your Ideas

Be observant. Observe people and events around you. Sometimes very great ideas strike in the writer’s mind. At that time you just have to write it down whether in a notebook or some application. You can plot very good content from that idea later on.


Proof Reading

While writing doesn’t think too much about punctuation and grammatical mistakes, just write whatever it comes in your mind. Otherwise, you will not be able to write smoothly. Yes, after writing, review your piece of writing carefully and go through it two to three times. After the completion of a novel or story, ask your close friend or relative to go through it too. Maybe they could help you by making your content better than before.

Workshops and Online Courses

Human beings are social animals. We learn from each other. Networking is the key if you want to grow. So, try to take good online courses and attend workshops related to your work. It will help you grow intellectually and your social circle will influence you to succeed in your field.

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