Team Builds by Good Team Players, 10 Tips to Be a Good Team Player

What is a team?

Formally saying, “.
When the team will perform well? The answer is simple when every person will complete his task in the best way. Right? For this, every team member should know his duties. He should learn that how he can increase his productivity that will be beneficial for his team.
Changing others is a difficult task but you have control of yourself. Why not improve yourself and become a better team player? If every person will start doing this then ultimately the whole team will become much efficient than before.
We are discussing some tips here that will help you to perform well within your team.

Work According To Your Strengths

Working according to your strengths is so important. Otherwise, you will just remain mediocre in other fields.
Can introvert people perform well in the marketing domain? Can he sell things to others just like an extrovert or a person having strong communication skills? No, it is not possible. But, maybe he could perform extraordinarily in the “Research and Development” domain.
So, first thing is, work according to your strengths.

Task Completion before Deadline

Assume that your team leader has given you a deadline of 5 days for some particular task. Finalize one deadline for yourself too, which will be earlier than the actual deadline.
Your Boss has given you a deadline of 5th February, at 9 pm. Now, develop another deadline for yourself, which could be like 4th February, at 10 pm.
Are you understanding its benefit? Yes, now there are much higher chances of delivering the work within the time limit. You will also get some time to resolve any errors related to your work.



Official meetings are so important. All team members discuss things related to projects. At least one day before the meeting, spare some time and write down all the important points which you are concerned about. Try to think about them from multiple dimensions. Maybe you could get new ideas which would be beneficial for your project or team.


Friendships are important in life. But, at your working place or in your official team your priority should be the team’s benefit. To work properly, you have to be professional. Avoid discussing your life problems within the team. Keep your professional life separate from your social and family life.

Working beyond Expectations

As we discussed earlier you have to complete your task within the deadline. But, if you feel like doing a little more effort/work will be beneficial for the whole team then go for it. It has two main benefits.

1. It will be good for your rapport building.

2. Your chances of promotion will be higher.

Communicate effectively

It may seem to be a light note to you but in actual it is not. In professional life, how we say and deal with things matter a lot. You should communicate precisely. If the task is much important, try to communicate through emails. So, unfortunately, if something bad happens then you will have the official proof of your communication.
“You will get a 3% commission from this project.” This way of communication is not correct.
3% of the profit? Or, 3% of the whole cost?
Are there any specific conditions regarding it?
Such things should be defined clearly to avoid any sort of ambiguity. So, we are saying to be aware of what you are saying. Ask another person too that has he understood everything precisely? It will help you a lot in running things smoothly

Daily Input

The teamwork of one person is related to the work of another person. So, make sure that your speed of work shouldn’t be that slow that it affects the other team members too. The team should see good input from your side daily.


Most people find it difficult to say “no” and then they suffer in the long run. Don’t be among them. You have to be assertive. Where you feel things can go wrong by any particular decision then just clearly say “no”, or, place your point effectively.
If a task is much big and your boss is giving you a deadline of five days. Be logical at that time, explain your concerns to him. Ask for more days. It is much better than saying “no” on the last day of the deadline.

Adaptable Nature

To grow intellectually and financially, you should develop this quality in yourself. Practice this thing, start listening to other team members too who can guide you properly. Understand their point of view too. Healthy discussion is really important in professional work.


Last but not the least, if you think that you are stuck at some point then don’t hesitate in asking it from others. Ask your questions from other team members who are closely related to your work. It is much better than making mistakes first and then taking a lot of time to clear them. It is both, wastage of time and energy!


We have discussed ten easy, quick, and simple strategies by which you can perform much better in your team. These tricks can make you a good team player. Start practicing them and good results will be visible soon. Best of luck!



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